Police Extinguisher

The Police Extinguisher P 3,5 is a handy extinguisher specially designed to meet the needs of the police (extinguishing burning persons and pyrotechnic substances).

This special extinguisher is a water extinguisher with the extinguishing agent additive TRIDENT.

The P 3,5 is approved for fire categories A, B and pyrotechnics.

Its operating time is 14 seconds. This is already sufficient to additionally extinguish one person and about 5-7 pyrotechnic articles or a Molotov cocktail.

The extinguisher is designed for rapid extinction in the aforementioned scenarios, as well as for rapid filling in use at low cost.


What is TRIDENT ?

TRIDENT is a new environmentally friendly fire fighting technology.

It was specially developed for fire brigades and police.

Aiming to save lives and property and protect our environment!

Authorization and certificates from TRIDENT

  • MPA European approval according to DIN EN 1568-3
  • ICAO Level B
  • Hygiene Institute of the Ruhrgebiet


  • WGK 1
  • Does not require labeling!
  • No prohibited and dangerous substances!
  • Easily and rapidly biodegradable
  • Not toxic
  • Not corrosive
  • Low consumption
  • Mixes easily with water
  • No special equipment
  • High safety factor for emergency personnel

Use of the extinguishing agent Trident by the fire department


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